Dallas the Dog (and Nick Rigby)

Dallas is this mega cute dog. Part Staffy, part Border Collie. She never met her Father and she doesn't know what he is (touchy subject). She's friendly, loyal and loves to just hang around...

Dallas' master is this musician named Nick Rigby. When Dallas is hungry, she gets Nick to play guitar and sing at multiple venues around Canberra along with weddings and parties.

Nick plays gigs to gather funds which go towards Dallas' favourite treats along with both canned and dry foods.

When Dallas is tired, Nick tells her all about the gigs he has performed at during the year whilst he builds his large collection of Star Wars Lego space crafts.


She doesn't care though... She just wants to chew on all of the Lego bits. She knows how happy Nick's Lego collection makes him so she refuses the urge to do so...

Dallas would appreciate it if you all contact Nick Rigby for any musical needs you may be looking for in the future... fb.com/nickrigbymusic