Clare and Marcus ... Broers 4 lyfe

You might remember Clare and Marcus from an earlier blog post. It was winter, Clare had a cast on her right hand, and we were chasing the light at Mt Stromlo.

This time around however, we chased them on their wedding day, and we were honoured to do so.

14 November 2015... Not fine and sunny, but cloudy and rainy. There was no way 8mm of rainfall was getting in the way of Clare and Marcus' amazing day. 

Clare and Marcus opted for a morning church ceremony and lunch reception at The Deck. There were so many unique and thoughtful details throughout the day. From the succulent bonbonairies they put together for their guests and the gorgeous table florals prepared by Bridesmaid (and flower wizard), Sarah, to the hand made buntings made by Marcus' Mum... It was truly a special day, shared with family and friends.

Enjoy some of our favourite snaps from the day...

Dallas the Dog (and Nick Rigby)

Dallas is this mega cute dog. Part Staffy, part Border Collie. She never met her Father and she doesn't know what he is (touchy subject). She's friendly, loyal and loves to just hang around...

Dallas' master is this musician named Nick Rigby. When Dallas is hungry, she gets Nick to play guitar and sing at multiple venues around Canberra along with weddings and parties.

Nick plays gigs to gather funds which go towards Dallas' favourite treats along with both canned and dry foods.

When Dallas is tired, Nick tells her all about the gigs he has performed at during the year whilst he builds his large collection of Star Wars Lego space crafts.


She doesn't care though... She just wants to chew on all of the Lego bits. She knows how happy Nick's Lego collection makes him so she refuses the urge to do so...

Dallas would appreciate it if you all contact Nick Rigby for any musical needs you may be looking for in the future...

Teenage Dream - Lauren and Aidan

Lauren and Aidan are a super cool and creative couple. A few weeks back we had a fun afternoon hanging out with them.

Lauren is a model (just look at her) and Aidan (also a spunk) has pretty sweet style so it was only natural that some of the images looked like they belonged in one of those hipster magazines printed on matte paper (you know the ones?).

When we asked what kind of a photoshoot Aidan wanted he said “my fifteen year old self’s dream” and what was that? “girl under one arm and skateboard under the other” 

Thanks for letting us in to your teenage dream, Aidan.

Engagement - Clare and Marcus

Clare and Marcus are a lovely, down to earth couple. These guys are set to tie the knot later this year in November and we are pretty happy that we get to be part of it. 


We headed up to Mount Stromlo to get to know Clare and Marcus a little better and to capture some of that newly engaged couple glow.


The day before the shoot I was in touch with Clare and she told me that she had a cast on her right hand. If you have ever had a broken arm or leg you’ll know the unwritten rule that your cast WILL be signed, drawn and or scribbled on by others. Which is exactly what we did mid-shoot.

78 sleeps to go until their big day. Until then,



Hello and welcome to Lux & Us!


You have stumbled across our first blog entry! *oooohh aaaaahh*

Our blog will primarily consist of what we are out here to do - that is to create beautiful imagery of what could be your big day or images of yourself with loved ones!

We will most likely throw in the odd Photography related blog post about certain gear we use or whatever the happs may be in the industry today.

Most importantly though, we will do our utmost effort not to bore you!

Giancarlo - signing off!

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