Welcome to Lux & Us.

We (Carlo & Laura) are a photography duo based in Canberra, Australia. We specialise in lifestyle and portrait photography. 

We both have careers outside of photography but Lux & Us is where we pour our passion.



Whats with the name?

The word “lux” has two meanings for us - one being the true definition of the word. “Lux”, of Latin origin, literally means “light”. The second meaning… well, we’re keeping it a secret for now.


About Carlo

If I am not taking photographs I’ll be dreaming up mine and Laura’s next travel destination. Having a South American background (yes I speak Spanish), I have visited the continent a number of times throughout my life which has spurred my passion for travel.

I’m one of those people that runs for fun. In 2019 I completed my first marathon (42.2kms) in my hometown, Canberra, and also completed my first ultra-marathon (50kms) in the Blue Mountains. On a quiet day, I’ll be watching highlights of my favourite football (soccer) teams and players on TV or YouTube - I won’t tell you who my team is in fear of losing you as a client… here’s a hint though - it’s FC Barcelona :) 


About Laura

I’m secretly in love with my business partner, Carlo. Okay, it’s not a secret - we’re actually married but whatever. I adore my dog, Mira and even have her tattooed on me (trust me, it’s cute). I’ve been passionate about photography for the last seven or so years. I loooooove analogue photography but rarely practice it. When taking photos for fun, I shoot with my iPhone or Fuji. My mobile photography has been published and exhibited by Apple and VSCO. I’m obsessed with flowers and cockatoos so you’ll see a lot of those on my personal instagram. I’ll be back when I think of something interesting to add lol.